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It may be said that are two type of Syrum-one(Ssireum-one) when the wrestlers start by griping each other's Satba and the other when they do not. The average time required for a match is about 10seconds very few go on for over three minutes. When they do, the customer roar and ask for more, but that's what really takes it out of a wrestler.

The following description includes some of the throws most commonly seen. but there are countless variations, depending on exactly how a man is thrown, pulled, pushed, slapped, kicked, and so on, either down or out. To describe them all would require a volume in itself. Syrum(Ssireum) techniques involve lifting, throwing, twisting, tackling, and tripping. In some respects, wrestling is a science, for most maneuvers employ the principle of leverage.

There are hundreds of holds and maneuvers but the wrestler should not try to master every one. He should rather learn and perfect those that suit his body the best. It is better to be an expert at a few holds than mediocre at a great many. You should study all the available techniques for your maneuvers so that you can be certain you are employing the best available methods.

Great strength is an asset but not a prerequisite in wrestling. Knowledge of leverage points, quickness, and physical conditioning are far more essential to success.